The Top Posts of 2014

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Since everyone is doing a year-end review, why not? The list below links to the most widely read posts on the Intermountain False Claims Act Blog in 2014, according to reader metrics (and without adjusting for the amount of time each post was available).

  1. A post discussing the importance of relators’ counsel asking hard questions of the government when the government declines to intervene took the top spot. When the Government Speaks, Relators Should Listen
  2. A post discussing the application of the False Claims Act to minority-owned business set asides was the second most read entry of the year. False Claims Act Applies to Minority-Owned Business Set Asides 
  3. The third most read piece addressed costs and fees for prevailing defendants in False Claims Act cases. Costs and Fees Are Different

We’ll see you again in 2015. Happy New Year!